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Hem Of His Garment
Bound For That City
5-10-2020 I Won't Be Satisified Sung By Pastor Bob Joyce
5-31-2020 Worship service
5-24-2020 Worship service
2-9-2020 My God Is Real Sung By Pastor Bob Joyce
5-17-2020 Music service
5-10-2020 Music service
3-22-2020 Music service
3-15-2020 Music service
3-8-2020 Music service
3-1-2020 Music service
2-23-2020 Music service
2-16-2020 Music service
2-9-2020 Music Service
2-2-2020 Worship Service
1-26-2020 Are You Expecting Jesus Today By Pastor Bob Joyce
1-26-2020 Worship Service