CD Ordering for 2022

2022 NEW ALBUMS – THESE TWO CDS ARE BEING MANUFACTURED [[EXPECTED TO BE SHIPPED TO US BY THE END OF NOVEMBER]] – YOUR ORDER TODAY IS A PRE-ORDER – Audio Preview Both New Albums – Checkout (any quantity) with DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD by clicking on an image below (international shipping will be extra for orders under $40) :

COMBINED ORDERS FOR NEW ALBUMS? YES! – We will combine your previous pre-orders for 2022 new albums with current orders of the 2022 albums. All CDs will ship together if our shipping service matches your name and address on your orders.

PAY BY MAIL – Make payment to Household of Faith Church, PO Box 1768, Benton, AR 72018 – please note which CDs you are ordering and provide your shipping address.

International shipping is free to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Sweden for orders of $40 or more – all shipping to the United States is free – for other countries please email.

SQUARE AND GOOGLEPAY – 2022 Two New Album Set $402022 Silent Night CD $20 each2022 Gospel CD $20 each – these payment options allow any quantity to be ordered.

PAYPAL – 2022 Two New Album Set $402022 Silent Night CD $202022 Gospel CD $20 – if you need more than one set or more than one copy of an album email us and we will send a PayPal invoice.

All proceeds after production and shipping costs support Household of Faith Church in Benton, Arkansas.

WHAT ARE THESE NEW ALBUMS? The 2022 Christmas Studio Album – “Silent Night” is described here. The 2022 Gospel Album – “My Living Shall Not Be In Vain” is described here. Both are new albums for 2022 from Bob Joyce, and audio previews are available (Christmas preview, Gospel preview, Preview Both New Albums)

CDs recorded before 2022 are also still available – Along The River, Winds of Grace, and Joyce Unedited. Details are on the additional CD ordering page.

Please ask questions by email and we’ll do our best to help!