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How old is Pastor Bob Joyce?

Pastor Bob Joyce is Robert Wayne Joyce, born on June 19, 1952.

Is Pastor Bob Joyce married?

Yes, Pastor Bob Joyce has been married to his wife, Willena, since 1975. They have three children and several grandchildren.

When was Pastor Bob Joyce ordained as a minister?

May 25, 1981

When did Pastor Bob Joyce begin the Household of Faith in Benton, Arkansas?

Around 2010 and prior to organizing Household of Faith Church, Pastor Bob Joyce and his wife Willena met with just 7 or 8 people each week, including John Cook and his wife Marti. By 2014, a business rental space on Salem Road for Household of Faith Church provided a weekly location for worship services, moving to a larger space in the same building in 2017 and allowing for about 35 to 40 chairs during the sermon. In 2019, Household of Faith moved to its current location at 5601 Salt Creek Rd, where classrooms and a fellowship hall have been added to the building with about 110 chairs in the sanctuary, and the parking lot is a large as the property can contain, providing space for about 30 vehicles.

Does Pastor Bob Joyce preach every Sunday?

Yes, Pastor Bob Joyce preaches every Sunday unless he is out of town, which will be announced in advance on and other locations online.

Does Pastor Bob Joyce have music available to order?

Yes, music CDs are available at All proceeds from CD sales are added to the church operating funds. Pastor Bob Joyce does not take a salary, and there are no paid church staff. Pastor Bob Joyce and local church members donate their time and talents for weekly worship services, building maintenance, and online support.

What does Pastor Bob Joyce think about some of the things said about him?

A direct quote from October 28, 2017, “Neither John Cook nor I, nor anyone else on this page or website or any other, have ever stated or tried to lead people in believing that I am or ever was some other person. This ministry is not about the promotion of any man, but continued proclamation and exaltation of the person and the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God.” – Pastor Bob Joyce – and later in December 2017, Pastor Bob Joyce made a video addressing some of these issues.

Does Pastor Bob Joyce really support [[someone or something shown online]]?

Pastor Bob Joyce preaches Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen in each sermon each week. To know if Pastor Bob Joyce supports someone or something, watch his sermons. A photo of someone standing beside Pastor Bob Joyce only indicates that he said “Yes” when asked for a photo. He says “Yes” to pictures often for anyone who asks. Photos are proof of meeting him, not an endorsement by him. The sermons are proof of his message, and anything contradictory to his sermons is unlikely to have his support.


When is the weekly sermon uploaded to YouTube?

The sermon and song service are recorded on Sunday and uploaded as soon as possible after editing. If possible, the sermon is uploaded to the YouTube channel by 7:00pm Central Time on Sunday. The YouTube upload and approval process may have unexpected delays. Subscribing to the YouTube channel can provide an automatic notification when the videos are made available.

What is the official website for Pastor Bob Joyce and Household of Faith?

The official website is

Does Pastor Bob Joyce use email?

Yes, his email account is currently – other email accounts which he has used in the past may no longer be active.

Does Pastor Bob Joyce have a Facebook account?

Yes, his Facebook account is

Does Pastor Bob Joyce have an official Facebook group?

Yes, the official Facebook group is

Does Pastor Bob Joyce have an official Twitter account?

Yes, the official Twitter account is

What is the official YouTube channel?

The YouTube channel for Pastor Bob Joyce and Household of Faith is

Earlier videos beginning in 2011 and prior to August 2022 can be found on John Cook’s YouTube channel.

Why are there so many other Pastor Bob Joyce and Household of Faith groups online?

Pastor Bob Joyce’s preaching and singing has become known globally through multiple articles and videos made about him online. Many people have wanted to help with Pastor Bob Joyce’s ministry and have created their own accounts and groups intended to support him and the church. Others have created accounts and groups which use Pastor Bob Joyce’s name but turn the focus away from his message. It is Pastor Bob Joyce’s goal to preach Jesus Christ to anyone who will hear, no matter where they are located. His goal is helped when others share his sermons online, and his goal is hindered when others take his name and his videos for personal gain or to promote their own agenda. Comments within official groups which are completely off topic may be deleted and users may be blocked from those groups. There are some copyright laws and review processes which now help the church and our pastor to keep the focus of his sermons and song videos on Jesus Christ. Potential copyright violations, particularly those which distract from Pastor Bob Joyce’s message, should be reported by email to the internet ministry administration team. If you visit a webpage, discussion group, or YouTube channel which actively turns the attention away from Pastor Bob Joyce’s message while using his name and his videos, you can be sure that you are not on a Pastor Bob Joyce approved page.

What is the harm in more people sharing Pastor Bob Joyce’s videos?

There is no harm in sharing sermon videos or song videos which have not been altered or copied and uploaded elsewhere. The harm comes when innocent people have been hurt by others who have pretended to run accounts, pages, groups, and websites on behalf of Pastor Bob Joyce. Social media groups using Pastor Bob Joyce’s name and the name of the church exist on several online platforms which are not actively associated with Pastor Bob Joyce or the church. Many use his name and even share his sermon videos, but they often allow other topics and promote goals which are unknown to Pastor Bob Joyce, giving the false appearance that these other things are also part of his ministry. Multiple reports of money being sent to people claiming to be Pastor Bob Joyce or promoting purposes that appear to have Pastor Bob Joyce’s approval have resulted in pain, loss, and anger when it is clear that Pastor Bob Joyce was not involved in any way. If you have been contacted online by someone requesting money for Pastor Bob Joyce or the Household of Faith Church, send an email to the internet ministry administration team to investigate. Legitimate donations may be sent at every group or individual claiming to support Pastor Bob Joyce is doing harm, but those which allow the message and focus of his sermons to be drowned out by other topics or redirected toward other purposes are harmful. The distraction and confusion that multiple groups, accounts, and edited videos have caused does not honor Jesus Christ.

How do I know if I’m on an unauthorized webpage or part of a group that is not authorized?

If you are a member of an online group or subscriber to a YouTube channel which actively turns the attention away from Pastor Bob Joyce’s message while using his name and his videos, it is unlikely to be legitimate. It is likely that the page owner or video editor is making money from more attention while harming Pastor Bob Joyce’s ministry. Pastor Bob Joyce does not run any private Facebook groups or any online groups where admission approval required, and he never sends private messages requesting money. If you want to report a concern, send an email to the internet ministry administration team for review. Pastor Bob Joyce does not have a Telegram account and has not authorized any Telegram groups which may be using his name or the name of the church. Pastor Bob Joyce does not have a TikTok account and has not authorized any TikTok accounts which may be using his name or the name of the church. We pray that those who are changing Pastor Bob Joyce’s message will stop confusing, misdirecting, and harming others. If you are in doubt, the website is all that is needed to find weekly sermons, songs, and announcements. If you only want to check one official YouTube channel for new authorized videos, it is

Does Pastor Bob Joyce see all the comments and questions online? Why didn’t I get a response?

At last count, there were more than 100,000 members and subscribers to YouTube channels and Facebook groups focused upon Pastor Bob Joyce. Thousands of new posts and comments are made daily. It is not possible for all comments in every social media group, page, post, video, or discussion online to be seen and read by Pastor Bob Joyce or even by members of the local church congregation. Pastor Bob Joyce has not personally approved every post in any group which he is a member. He does not spend large portions of his days and nights online. No offense is meant, nor is any rudeness intended when online comments, prayer requests, and questions do not receive a response.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Amen.