2022 Gospel Album – Surprise Announcement

2022 Bob Joyce Gospel Album – My Living Shall Not Be In Vain

Click here to listen to the audio preview of the album…

2022 has two new albums from Bob Joyce, not just the 2022 Christmas Studio Album Silent Night. Pastor Bob Joyce has been working on a new gospel album for two years with his son, Tom Joyce. Pre-orders are now being taken for “Tom’s CD” as it has been called during development, now officially titled “My Living Shall Not Be In Vain”. The mastered recordings are currently with the CD manufacturer preparing for a 2022 release date.

The 2022 Gospel CD album has 8 newly-recorded songs and begins with a vintage radio sound effect that sets the tone for the album. Pastor Bob Joyce recorded this album locally (not in a professional studio), and the album features background vocals and instrument recordings by members of his family. All proceeds after production and shipping costs will support Household of Faith Church in Benton, Arkansas.

Both new 2022 albums can also be pre-ordered as a set on the CD Ordering page.

Song list from the back cover of the album


*NEW* Click here for an AUDIO-ONLY PREVIEW of the 10 songs, about 20 seconds per song.

[[[UPDATE: November 20, 2022]]] More than 1,000 copies of the Christmas CD have been ordered (THANK YOU ALL!) and the manufacturer has been instructed to increase our initial order from 1,000 copies to 2,000 copies. We hope to receive all 2,000 by the end of November and get them mailed out as soon as possible afterwards. Hopefully, we will all have the full month of December to enjoy the new album.

BobJoyce.org is now accepting pre-orders for the 2022 Bob Joyce Christmas Studio Album “Silent Night”. These music CDs are $20 each, with free shipping in the United States. International buyers who purchase two or more will also receive free shipping. SHIPPING WILL NOT OCCUR UNTIL THE CD IS COMPLETED, THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this project possible. All proceeds after production and shipping costs will support Household of Faith Church in Benton, Arkansas.

Click here for BobJoyce.org/cds for the pre-order options, including instructions if you’d rather mail a payment.

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