Baptism Sunday – August 13, 2023

Baptisms occurred following the sermon on Sunday afternoon, August 13, 2023, in Taylor Creek on Mulberry Salem Road about 1/2 mile from the church building. 68 people traveled from 20 states and were baptized by Pastor Bob Joyce. The attendance for the morning worship was a record 188 people. All 100 chairs were filled in the sanctuary and dozens of members and visitors were able to watch the worship service on a television in our connected fellowship hall. Digital photos from the baptism are also available.

Video does not have sound.

Inside Not Outside (Sermon – 8/13/2023)

The August 13, 2023, sermon by Pastor Bob Joyce at Household of Faith Church in Benton, Arkansas, has been uploaded to YouTube (9:00pm Central Time).

Pastor Bob Joyce previously announced August 13, 2023, as the annual designated Sunday for baptisms. A total of 188 people from more than 20 states were counted in attendance. All 100 seats in the sanctuary were filled, and the connected fellowship hall allowed dozens more members and visitors to watch on a television screen.

This was the largest Sunday attendance in the history of Household of Faith Church to date. Following the sermon, 68 baptisms in Taylor Creek on Mulberry Salem Road occurred this afternoon.

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