Sabrina McDonald Books

Sabrina McDonald, The daughter Of Pastor Bob Joyce, carries a masters degree in Marriage and Family counseling

Create a richer identity in Christ by journaling and meditating on the promises of scripture. Featuring twenty-five devotionals on topics that matter to you, Write God In Deeper was designed to prepare your heart for the Holy Spirit as you pray and consider His word. With plenty of room to write, each prompt encourages and challenges you in your daily faith journey. Whether you are looking for inspiration or motivation, Write God in Deeper provides the space in the busyness of life to hear what God has to say to you personally. 209 Pages
Most Christian parents desperately want their kids to experience God’s love and forgiveness, to connect with God, and to walk with Him as they go through life. But they feel inadequate for that responsibility. Thankfully, there are tools parents can use to guide their children spiritually. I have put together a list of ten principles to help you raise children to walk with Christ. 43 pages
Sabrina McDonald’s book The Blessings of Loneliness suggests that those who experience loneliness don’t need to pursue marriage as the ultimate answer to their hurt, but they need to embrace the blessings that come through the pain. Having dealt with loneliness as a single woman and again as a widow for more than three years, McDonald proposes that loneliness itself is not a blessing, but the fruit that comes through it is. 156 pages