7-31-2022 Update

Good evening! It is 9:30pm (Household of Faith time – USA Central Time) and this week’s sermon has just been posted to YouTube and on the Sermons page of BobJoyce.org.

Today’s sermon was recorded in high definition (HD) and was converted to an uploadable video for the new YouTube channel. The editing process took several hours, but it is now complete. If you subscribe on YouTube, the notification settings have an option which should let you know when the next sermon has been uploaded each week.

The new camera for the church was purchased prior to last week’s sermon and we are still learning how to get the settings just right for the sermon and the song service recordings. This week’s song service will have the same technical audio problems as last week, but the specific problem was identified and next week’s song service should have clearer audio. Thankfully, the technical problem with the sound was mainly limited to recordings with multiple microphones (such as the group singing). Single microphone recording (the sermon) has not had the same sound problems.

Thank you for your patience as we work out the wrinkles in the new camera settings and upload process.

God bless.