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  1. Thank you pastor Bob for today’s message. You are so right. We all belong to God. I know I have everything through God’s love ❤ I belong to him.
    You are my pastor and friend. May God bless you and your family.
    Travis from Victoria Texas

  2. Thank you Pastor Bob. There are times I need to be reminded the I belong with the Lord. When I’m fighting off the devil I start telling him that I am God’s child and he can not hurt me. I got the demon out of my daughter one time right after I got baptized in in Holy Goast and the demon entered me and that what I said over and over til he left me. I believe the Lord lead me to you to be my mentor.

  3. Thank you Pastor Bob. Such a beautiful sermon. You are definitely a man of God. God bless you and thank you for being my friend.

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