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  1. We just love. Your semon today it was wonderful i need your prayers for the fat on my liver for god to heal it we love you you are the sweetest person of god i can feel his power when you preach i never miss a semon

  2. All I can say is wow. You cried out and listened to the Lord and he saved you. Loved the pieces of testimony I heard. We lived in s.w. little rock in 2012 and 2013. I always got haircut and catfish in Benton. God bless you and family. Condolences from Ron & Elizabeth

  3. My dad always told me to give God in the name of Jesus the glory. He explained that God is the reason you succeeded and he gets the glory. My dad was pleased if I followed God but never proud because God gets the glory. Thank you for bringing this back to me.

  4. You are no longer , like Paul who you used to be, we are new creatures in Christ when we accept him as our lord and savior, giving him permission to live thru us. I praise the Lord for your love of him.
    Appreciate your sermon

  5. Thank you for the boost I needed in my faith and trust in the Lord Our God. I believe it was fate that brought me to your channel. Your sermon was inspirational, passionate, and delivered with humor and grace. God bless you!

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