Internet rumor is false – Pastor Bob is just fine

December 10, 2022

Pastor Bob Joyce is fine, and he has not been in the hospital. Please reconsider your membership in any group which is still repeating a Telegram rumor (spread to Facebook) from last Sunday morning that he was in the hospital and that church services were cancelled last week (December 4, 2022). More than 100 people attended last Sunday’s sermon and it is posted on YouTube, as always. Nothing has happened to Pastor Bob Joyce since last Sunday either. The December 11, 2022 sermon has also been posted on YouTube.

Pastor Bob Joyce has not authorized any groups on Telegram, he does not have a Telegram account, and the church has no authorized Telegram groups or accounts. We believe Telegram was the original source of the false rumor. Telegram is not a valid source of information about Pastor Bob Joyce, and any Facebook groups which repeat those rumors from Telegram are equally false. It is unfortunate that this post is even necessary. The official website is and the official Facebook group is – and there is no authorized Telegram account. Many questions about online groups are answered here.