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  1. Thank you Brother Bob for today’s message. Fellowship Fullfilled. Yes we need other people.
    My wife and I are vendors at market days each week. There we meet and visit with some very people and most are people of faith. At 80 years old it keeps me active. I enjoy that very much. I believe the Bible and the way you teach the word of God. You feed my needs.
    May God bless you, your family, and your church family.
    You are my pastor, my brother and friend.

  2. This message was amazing. I love how you explained that if you didn’t have people around you, your opinion would not matter! So funny to think of it that way but so true! I love your sermons. You are right on and not shallow. Your theology runs Deep. So happy for you and have always enjoyed your talent. Thank you for letting the Lord still use you for music. You have helped me not focus on the world. If anyone would know, it be you! God Bless You!

  3. I thank God in Jesus’ name for giving you to us. Hearing his word is such a blessing to my soul.

  4. Thank you for the sermon on 8/01/2022. It seems everywhere we see companies supporting the gay movement to the point that our children wonder what is wrong with them for desiring the opposite!! I did not realize until recently how many organizations no longer support God and the ways he would would have his people follow him. May God bless you and your church for your much needed ministry!!

  5. You are so right Karen. Gay is not God’s way. We need God back in homes, schools, and jobs. We all need God in our lives.
    Travis Mayer

  6. I’ve only listened to a few of Pastor Bob’s sermons so far..but those I have heard were just was this one!! And I caught the Baptism at the river, which was so very beautiful! Like the other commenter, I believe Pastor Bob was given to us for this purpose..& I am more thankful everytime I hear him speak! Thank God for this man & his ability to teach! And thank God for leading me to him! Amen! Love & prayers from Iowa!

  7. 😂🙊🙉🙈 silly me and typos
    Praise Jesus for he has blessed you with us and us with you, too teaches his wonderful word and praise.
    Antique was a typo but yes you are as beautiful and rich as a great antique LOL thank you pastor & church family.💎💞❤
    may everybody be blessed and have a blessed week😁
    🗝truth is key and jesus is alive in all of us! What glory and praise!!
    We love you Jesus!

  8. Gratitude pastor Bob, you are a light for my soul!
    From Brazil , love and light🙏🏼

  9. Great message (as always)! Thank you for preaching the Word of God and sadly, that people need to hear there is only man and woman (unreal our nation is where it is at today, think we’ve hit the point God has given people over). Listening, I’m reminded of Jonah and Nahum.

    Think our nation could learn a lot from the nations in the Bible and especially the prophet Jonah (where the gentile nation repented and turned back to God) and Nahum (destruction of that nation). But we never hear much about Nahum; the prophet who spoke to the same gentle nation that once repented that destruction was coming. What were the signs??? The nation’s men were like women, its borders were wide open, and their shepherds were sleeping.

    Thank you, Pastor Bob, for being an awake shepherd and preaching truth! Sadly, soon, preaching anything about Romans 1 will be classified as hate speech.

  10. I thank Jesus for finding you for me. Attended your church Aug.-1-2021. I loved the sermon and the way you Pastor Bob move the people with the word of God. Bless you and may he keep you safe and happy.

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