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  1. Thank you pastor Bob for your message. I don’t know what to say, but thank you for your leadership in God. You have helped me so much.
    You are my pastor and friend. God bless you and your family .

  2. Your voice soothes my Heart, Bob, when you sing and when you speak. And your light shines on me all day, all week… til Sunday, and I fill up in your reservoir spilling over…..
    I love all your latest songs, makes me feel so good!! So Great!! Savoring this beautiful moment that lasts forever… and it “IS” Forever… You “Are”, Forever…

    Love Always,
    Your Friend,

  3. I was thinking of a few things tonight searching for answers and this was amazing. I drive a truck and when I heard you say trucker I knew god was speaking to me. Thank you Pastor Bob

  4. Thank you pastor Bob for that powerful message on honor I will look up honor with blue letter Bible and find out how many times it is used in Scripture and work on applying honor in my faith.

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