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  1. Thank you pastor Bob. What a powerful sermon. You have strenghthened my belief in the holy spirit. I turn it all over to the holy spirit. Glory be to the father. I am so thankfu that I was led to you. I listen to you every Sunday. I can’t find a church I believe in where I live. But I was surfing sermons one day and found you. Your in my livingroom all the time now. Thank you for being a true vessel of God.

  2. Hallelujah and Amen.
    Thank you brother Bob for today’s message. I am in your church each and every Sunday by the way of your website. When we visited your church in June we were welcome by you and the church family. I do feel a part of the family. I am still hungry , so keep on feeding my soul.
    You are my pastor and friend

  3. Dear Pastor Bob,
    I have really enjoyed listening to your sermons. This one hit home. I understood what you said about letting go of the man you used to be(though I loved him too). At 65, I too feel that way. I spent too much of my life struggling until I gave up the woman I used to be.
    I am unapologetically me. That other person didn’t serve me anything but misery. I felt as though there was no hell because this was it, here on earth.
    I now live to please the Lord.
    Gone is the fear I lived with so long. Gone is the anxiety and worry. I am unafraid. God wins. Every time.
    Thank you. Bless you.

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