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  1. Praise God for Pastor Bob. I felt beautiful spirit and had so missed the sermons and music. It was beyond sad not to see Leon at his seat. Yet I feel his spirit there.God bless his loved ones.Ive never been able to come and meet yall but I feel I belong there and I’m part of yall. God really did send me on a long journey to put me where I belong. I pray God keeps this terrible virus away from his children there. Wonderful sermon Pastor Bob and beautiful spirit filled singing. Thank you from my heart and soul. Waiting for tomorrow. God bless you all. Hes blessed me with yall. Praise God!

  2. I watched the sermon of September 6, 2020 today. Needed a word from the LORD. Thank you Pastor Bob for your obedience to our Savior. The spirit filled sermon was exactly the words I needed to get up and go on. God Bless.
    Is there a post office box or U.S. mail delivery at the church? Would like to mail a donation.

  3. I love pastor Bob Joyce preaching and he songs and he is a loving person.and God bless him and he’said family.

  4. Absolutely brilliant. Spoken with so much passion, integrity and honesty. Very timely sermon with everything going on right now. Peace be with you.

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