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  1. I feel the beautiful love of God through Pastor Joyce’s sermons, and the love from his precious congregation, that it makes me wanna cry.

  2. You have really been missed. But I understand how the Lord has brought you to where you are. I grew up as a United Pentecostal lady. I had heard you had something like that in your early history.

  3. Greetings!

    We love listening to Pastor Bob and we would love to visit to have Pastor Bob pray over my mom who has had some health issues. Can you let me know if there is space available to visit for a service.

    Peace and Love in Christ

    Bernadette Schultz

  4. Thank 🙏you pastor Bob for today’s message. I listened to each sermon every Sunday. I do feel a strong bond to your church. I visited your church in June. I joined it very much.
    You are my pastor and friend. May God bless you and your family.

  5. Great sermon Pastor Bob keep up the fight of faith and love of the Word of God and preaching to trust and abide in the Holy Spirit, your sermons are and encouragement to me and so many others.

  6. I envision you now Pastor Bob, being used by God as a future, hand made by God, evangelist, proclaiming the word of God‘s love and messages in the Bible worldwide, thus being a “warrior for Jesus Christ”, by bringing “Saved Souls” into HIS Kingdom Come! May our dear Lord continue to hold you in the palm of His hand, and guard you through, and buy, His most precious Blood 🙏-Amen

  7. Great sermon on 10/10. I could sense Bob was relating to his message about Sampson and the Philistine woman even before he said he was reminded about himself in the story. Love his energy so much I’m binge watching his sermons now.

    I’m 49 and not yet baptized but have been a believer in Christ since I was a teenager. Does Pastor J still baptize people? I never really thought it mattered to be baptized, as long as I am a believer. Also, because I typically steer clear of most pastors because I simply don’t trust them. But, I would trust Pastor J to baptize me. If anyone from your organization reads these comments, please email me at your convenience. I realize I can’t risk not being baptized. I feel a renewed spiritual strength when I listen to his messages about Christ and Jesus. So glad to have found his message.

    Thank you and God bless your entire congregation.

  8. Enjoyed your sermon from last week today 10/17 Pastor Bob. I wondered if ya’ll had plans anytime soon for live streaming your Sunday sermons. I do not have a church that I attend right now and would love to join ya’ll every Sunday

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