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  1. My Husband and I really enjoyed your sermon, and look forward to being able to come back and visit.

  2. I got to admit I first got here looking for one king and found another. I also want to say it doesn’t matter if he is here or not. God’s word is. I have really got blessings. Listening to Bob Joyce sharing God in his messages. Thank you. I’m going back to hear some more great messages. What has been happening in our government I’ve never seen anything like it. If I hadn’t been trying to see if or if not. You know what I mean. I have more respect than keeping on. Nobody can ever hear enough about God and his son Jesus. I’m going back for more lessons. Thank you again Mr. Joyce.

  3. God THANK YOU for guiding me and letting me hear your true lessons come through this man of JESUS. I pray everyday through to the next time I can BLESS the true gossip I hear coming out of his mouth. By the Grace of you LORD I feel a little better today knowing that you brought this light to me. May God keep this sanctuary safe and above the dark for all eternity. Till the next time stay safe and we all live in the Grace together.

  4. I live in Alabama, I ran across this when I was looking for a song. I go to church every Sunday. My husband fell ill in Feb of this year. He only had very little heart function. I tell you this right sermons and the word of God got me through it. I went around reading my Bible in the cicu room. Praying loud and quoting scripture. Because the Dr gave me no hope at all. I said my friend I have Jesus and I’m not giving up on my Jerry. Well our Dr was Muslim amd he aais I don’t know what you are doing but he’s getting better. I said do you know the Lord doc? He said I bwlieve we are of different faiths I said, I’m going let you in on a secret I serve a risen savior and I know he is living. Each day I think they thought Jerry wouldn’t make it and I kept on reading my Bible before I knew it had ppl asking me to pray! Well the Dr didn’t think he would make thru the weekend and I said he not only going to make it thru this weekend he is going to be able to walk outvof this hospital. He looked at me like I was crazy. Wwll 2 weeks trill the day the dr came in room he said mrs Johnson tell me about your God. So I did I wotness to him he became a Christian. Right in that did I room!!! I felt God hand on my back. Well few days Jerry got up out of that wheel chair and walked. I told God id share our story and scripture will everyone. Give me God Bumps when I think back to that day. Keep telling ppl of God’s love. I want to share my testimony with your church one day!

  5. Pastor Bob Joyce,
    Thank you for your ministry. I hope you don’t mind me calling you my pastor during this time of my life. I love the Lord and desire to be as close as I can. Listening to his word through you, has helped me. I plan to continue to tune in to your past and current videos until I have completely listened to them all. Through prayer, I am hoping to get my other family members to do the same. One day I would love to visit your church in person. I live near Raleigh North Carolina -so for me it is a good distance. However, I am hoping my husband and I can enjoy some travel time once he can retire. Again, it is important for me for you to know what a true blessing you are and how valuable you are to my salvation and the salvation of others.

  6. Thank you for your faithfulness and passion to God by witnessing to all who will listen through your teachings. You have been truly blessed and it has put joy in my heart knowing your faith makes you whole. Well done good and faithful servant will certainly ring in your ears when you go home. Thank you for this wonderful message of ‘foundation’ and others. I look forward to seeing you someday. I look forward to each sermon now as well. Sir, God bless and enrich you with excellent health, peace, and joy through Christ our Lord…Amen.

  7. Listening to your message brought back happy memories of my dad , whose been with Jesus now 15 years.
    I know in my heart he would have loved to have heard this sermon.

    Thank you

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