9 replies on “To Follow Jesus (Sermon 6-5-2022)”

  1. The Power of Jesus is love and dedication – are we on our way with this form of devotion and passion so we can`t fail cause we are within the power of Jesus and in the unconditional love of the all-powerfull,omnipotence Mother/Father God the origin source. So we have to clear all these but`s we feel, we think we, we do……………………………………………….
    With light and love :ute

  2. Thank you pastor Bob for today’s message. I don’t miss any of your sermons. You don’t have to read very word from the Bible. You teach God’s words from your heart. Words God put in your heart. I am very happy with you sermons.
    You are my pastor and friend. God bless you and your family

  3. Jesus knows our every thought, word and deed.
    He’s always with us and always watching…. Why?
    Because He CARES!! and Purity Matters!!

    Father, Loving LORD, deliver Your Children from hubris!
    Cleanse our Hearts & Minds of excessive pride.
    Pull out from the root, ALL arrogance!!
    Let LOVE be our Single Motive….
    Pure Love! YOUR LOVE!!
    In Jesus’ Name.

    Thank you, Pastor, for another excellent message.

  4. Thank you Pastor. May you have eternal peace you have worked so hard to obtain. Leaving so much behind to reap the rewards of our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless you and yours. The voice is a gift from God, sharing that voice is a gift to Gods children. Much Love.

  5. Pastor Bob, Thank you for your delivering God’s true word. Your message today can truly be the message of hope, joy and love for every non believer and every believer. I have two sons (Matthew and Joshua Mark), so your sermon was much needed. It is so wonderful to witness the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of our children. As a mother there is no greater joy!

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