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  1. Plan on coming in June. What time is sermon and when is music service?

  2. Thank you again for your Spirit-filled encouragement and love in the Lord. Just what was needed to uplift my soul today! (Thank You, Jesus, for directing me to my new pastor.)

  3. Thank you pastor Bob. Your teachings, the words of God always uplift me. I never miss your sermons. I am a measure of my lord.
    You are my pastor and friend. God bless you and your family.

  4. Dear Pst. Bob,
    a dear sister in Christ has reffered me to your sermons, and I am GREATFULL to the LORD that I am able to listen to the WORD of God you so wonderful preach! I am a German living in France and now I can listen to you and what the LORD lays on your heart! GLORY TO HIM! You touched my Spirit by your preaching and I love the laughing and praising of the brethren during the meeting !!
    May the LORD bless you al abundantly and many warm greetings to the congrecation from me l anna

  5. Amen what a great teaching this morning. Thank you . Just what I needed to hear.
    God Bless you mightly.

  6. Your sincerity in your delivery of The Word goes straight to my heart. Because it’s in your heart I can truly thank ABBA and YASHUA HALLELUJIAH amen !!!!

  7. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.
    I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me .
    I were healed .
    By his stripes I were healed .
    Glory be to YHVH through YASHUA
    The devil is a liar.
    Praise and honor and glory to the lamb of God Jesus Christ forevermore!!!!!!!
    Love wins

  8. Brother Bob. Just watched another one of your sermons. We live in Farmersville, Tx and someday we will come to visit. Loved your sermon as we do all of them. I really enjoyed your humor when you said…you can go in the water without faith and you will come out a wet hypocrite!!! Love you Brother Bob! Hope to see you soon. Sandi & George Sossamon.
    PS. Do you allow us old Baptist? …lol

  9. Praise the Lord; Pastor Bob has RISEN my Spirits through HIS Word, passion, and Sermon painting a Picture of Whose we are, and Who we serve, What an inspirational, clear message from Almighty God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Pray on Pastor Bob—Great Uplifting Message, so Clearly Spoken

  10. The Scales of Measure Before Jesus – What Deeds of Service and Kindness You Gave Here On Earth to Serve Jesus. I Choose to Be Proud That My Scale Measured Will Overflow Unto The Lord. This Is How I Live My Life.

  11. My mother and I watch you all the time you brought light into our lives…I suffer from depression and found your sermons to be uplifting Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  12. Pastor Bob, I am praying for your health and protection. You have brought back my love of playing guitar and singing Gospel music. The old hymns and songs, not these contemporary Christian music. Keep singing the Southern Gospel that has been your staple. It blesses people’s hearts.

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