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  1. Boy I needed to hear this sermon today really hit home.
    Thank you for doing God’s work. God Bless Pastor Bob N his wife

  2. Thank u for everything from Spain (Europe)… your words fill helpless hearts and give hope to people who have lost that ability to have faith in life. Great man behind an unmistakable voice.

  3. Bless you Brother Bob with your fondest memories of your Momma. I know I would miss my Momma if I could remember having one. There was a lady there but there was no love so peace in your memories. My spiritual connection has always been my parent or guide in life. Praise to your word and your insights in this crippled environment that we have to share of lives with. Glory be to our Father in Heaven. Canada

  4. Man O’ Man… can’t beat that! Thanks again for touching our hearts with the Love of God through the Holy Spirit… made available to us by the Precious Blood of the Lamb. You are His Vessel, prepared of God for such a time as this! Seems like I’ve known and loved you all my life!! Thank You, JESUS!!!

  5. Amen. I have been doing just that believing and trusting in love even though most of my family and my husband’s family turned away from us when we spoke the truth. Since 2020 I kept getting the message, “trust God, turn to God and repent. Trust God”. I have been. I know the truth about a lot in our will be coming out and being exposed and I truly hope it will be within the month like the reports I’ve heard being told. Many will be shocked at all the lies they believed since 2020 and the lies for centuries we all have believed. God’s truth is the only truth. Thank you so much for this message today💜

  6. In my rememberance there was no motherly love, too. I feel with you.

    There is an author in Germany. He had just published the most successful book of the year. On an occasion the Dalai Lama ran into him. He said by insight: The worst that can happen to a child is to lose it’s mothers love. Dalai Lama went away, then came back saying: It’s by far the worst that can happen to a child.

  7. Thank you for today’s message. I had that love of a great mother. I am 80 years old and I miss my mother. I still need that kind of love. I know I have that love from my lord and savor.
    You are my pastor and friend. God bless you and your family.

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