9 replies on “Authority Of Christ (Sermon 3-27-2022)”

  1. Wow! What a sermon! God was definitely in control.
    What a beautiful sermon. I always feel God in your sermons. I know God brings me here to you for a reason. Thank You ! So Very Much!

  2. Praise the Lord for your sermon. My pastor is preaching in 1Corinthians but in all the sermons I never hear that we are in a war!! Praise God for your preaching truth. I listen to your sermons each Sunday evening. Thank you for the encouragement to serve the Lord and fight for our faith, His truth!! Praying the Lord continues to bless you with preaching His word. Thank you again. I hope to attend your services again. I always feel closer to the Lord hearing His truth preached. We have nothing to fear when we trust our Lord God.

  3. Pastor Bob, I haven’t felt peace for 45 yrs. Many things have attributed to that. The truth is ours to see. Thank you for the confirmation that the Lord provides. I listen to your sermon every Sunday. I hope that one day, God willing, I will be able to attend at least one of your sermons. Amen. Mike, Canada

  4. Pastor Bob, thank you for preaching the truth that we are in a war! All Christians need to join God’s army of soldiers! United we are strong in defeating the deception and evil throughout the world! Where we go one we go all!

  5. Yes preacher Bob, that stupid dough head devil
    Has people twisted up in knots, I am so glad I am in a bible study learning his word and use his word of truth to fight him out of my sight, Jesus Christ is my savior Lord God is my father. satan, BE GONE IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN 🙏. LOVE YOU Jesus
    Thankyou God for your word that I am studying
    Amen 🙏

  6. I believe that we are blessed to be witnessing and experiencing this precious time in biblical proficy and history…what a gift !!! Oh Thankyou so much Pastor Bob….you have no idea how your words bring such strength peace love and most of all guidance through your service each week ….I love you and your beautiful church…WWGIWGA!!!!!love from Australia 💜🦘🙏😃

  7. Thank You, Father, for the Authority given to us over all the power of the enemy, for the ability to trample snakes and scorpions.

    Thank You, Father, for the Power You have given to Your Children in the Person, in the Name, and in the Blood of Jesus. Hallelujah! Precious is the Blood of the Lamb! Father, You have given us the Victory in Jesus!!

    No weapon formed against us will prosper. Nothing shall by any means harm us! Glory to God for the Living Word! — Luke 10:19 / Isaiah 54:17

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