5 replies on “Blessed Are They part 1 (Sermon 4-3-2022)”

  1. I really felt relieved by this sermon. I have always been
    embarrassed by how emotional I get when praying…a real snot nose! Thank you for being so genuine! I watch every week. Thank you, Pastor Bob!

  2. Every Sunday brings us closer to the warmth of each brother and sister. Thank you for the inspiration, Brother Bob.

  3. Thank you pastor Bob for today’s message. I would like to say it was your best sermon yet. But all of your sermons are your very best.
    Your teachings your words are from God. I feel very blessed. He is with me at all times. Hallelujah. My heart is full of his love. Like you I am a poor man money wise. But I am rich with God’s love for me.
    You are my pastor and friend
    God bless you and your family.
    Travis Mayer

  4. You’re the Best, Bob!!! Such a Beautiful Heart and Beautiful Being… All Life Long…
    Thank you for just being here and sharing all you are and all your LOVE for Jesus! Your words have so much… in them,
    Nothin like your Contagious Love for our Beautiful Jesus!!! One day we will meet and share this beautiful music that sings forever, in our Hearts…

    Love Always,
    Your Friend,

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