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  1. Thank you so much. All this time I have been watching his old sermons. It is Blessing to listen to Preacher Bob. God Bless.

  2. I truly enjoyed and was blessed by the sermon you preached Be Like Jesus, thank you for listening to God and letting His Precious Anointing fall on you, I am praying for you and that God sends His Warrior and Protecting Angels around you and keeps you in the shelter of His Wings! Love and Prayers Deb Julian 🙏❤

  3. I hope my comment went through just want you to know I am holding you up in prayer, I truly was blessed by your sermon Be Like Jesus and a praying God keeps you in the shelter of His wings and that he keeps His Warrior and Protecting Angels about you, keep seeking Him and keep His Sweet Anointing in your life, Love and Prayers Deb Julian ❤

  4. I wrote two comments and I don’t know if they went through or not, I just wanted to let Pastor Bob that I truly appreciate and enjoy his sermons, he has such an amazing anointing that God has blessed him with. I was blessed by his sermon Be Like Jesus, and I wanted him to know that I keep him in my prayers and pray that God keeps His Warrior and Protecting Angels with and around him. I also plead the BLOOD of Jesus over him and his family. Thank you for letting God lead and guide you. Love and Prayers Deb Julian 🙏❤🙏

  5. Thank you pastor Bob for today’s message. It always helps me better understand God’s word. You stepped on some toes today, as you should. AMEN.
    No one person on this earth is like Jesus.
    Although we as Christians try to be. None of us live 100% of what we should. I try to love every one. There are some that can’t be loved. We reach out to them and try to help and love them as Christians does. I am in no way as perfect as Christ.i help others when I can with what I have.
    People go to church to learn more about our Lord and be refreshed IN our faith and His love for us.
    I would love to be in your church every Sunday if I could. I live 600 miles from Benton, Ar. But I feel like I am there each Sunday by way of your website.
    I wear a cross around my neck to remind me of His love and that He gave His life on the cross for my sins .
    Hallelujah and Amen I say from my heart.

  6. “Be like Jesus” …stand-up and be the man or woman God intended us to be! Take ownership and do not be afraid because we are never alone…. No matter how small each step is, it is a step in the right direction to “Be Like Jesus”….Amen and thank you Pastor Bob!

  7. Love hearing you. You DEFINITELY listened when God gave you his calling. I was a 911 Dispatcher in MS for 21 yrs & I learned one thing in ALL those years, you can hear the truth in their voice. I hear that truth in your voice when you speak & DEFINITELY when you sing. Although we may change on the outside, God truly KNOWS who we are on the inside. He will ALWAYS lead us to where we are suppose to be. We can only see the way God got us there, AFTER we are there. We can look back and 100% say that never should’ve been able to happen and THAT’S how you know God put you EXACTLY where you should be. It’s all for his Glory not ours. Love listening to you speak & sing. May God keep blessing you.

  8. I’m able to get your sermons on you tube this is my only church. Please continue to send. I have high respect for this church and got really sad not to hear today’s message.

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