Take Thy Shoes Off 7-11-2021

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  1. Once again, Pastor Bob, you have laid on my heart a powerful
    reminder of just how great our Almighty God is and that God is always on duty with His arms and ears open wide. My heart already seems filled with so much love for The Lord, yet your weekly
    messages draw me nearer and nearer to Him as you help me to learn more about Him. This week’s group music was also a very inspiring mix of hymns. Thank you for guiding me in this journey.

  2. Thank you 😊 pastor Bob for today’s message. It always opens my heart and eyes.
    I know Jesus is always with me and all things are possible through him. He is my every thing.
    I will take my shoes in my Father’s house. Far I will be there for everlasting life.

    Every journey has its end, but in the end it is the journey that counts

  3. I will take my shoes OFF.
    I think I’ve lost it some time πŸ˜• πŸ˜” πŸ˜ͺ

  4. Its ok we all typo sometime, some more then others, myself include. So i just smile an laugh it off. 😁It shows were human. Lol
    An like my mom always said your only lossing your mind, when you dont think your lossen your mind lol
    P.s. i think its just in the air cuz i typod too lol
    Keep smiling & shining bright! & embrace the love of Jesus! I hope you have a wonderful week and god shine’s His love down on you and your familly so you radiate it off you.
    I know we havnt meet, but you are a beautiful wise soul as well, smile & sine with jesus’s love.
    Take care.
    Lets all take off our πŸ‘ž s and be barefoot. Smiling bright with the lords love. Hope you have a great day with lots of smiles.

  5. Thank you Katie. I get so full of God’s love I sometimes get ahead of myself

    I’m Travis Mayer from Victoria,TX

  6. I came to this service and was so impressed. Pastor Bob Joyce is just awesome truly blessed by our Lord and savior to spread the love of Jesus and it shows in his sermons. I enjoyed being there and meeting several of the members. I continue to pray for those who asked for prayer and my thoughts are with those.

  7. I hope everyone reading this beautiful piece will investigate the words you are not familiar with and therefore do not know the meaning they hold.

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