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  1. Thank you Pastor for this sermon. You are so correct on point on seeing Jesus especially during prayer. Allow me to tell you my story as witness to your sermon as truth.
    Years ago, I had too much of life on my plate and had a slight breakdown at work, ran to my little old rickety Ford Tempo and cried out to God to help me. I was sobbing hesterically asking him to guide me, I felt lost and broken …. I didn’t know how to juggle it all anymore. I struggled with working for five bosses and they all wanted their work done first. I struggled to keep the car running safely with the little pay I was getting. I struggled with being a divorced parent and feared I was not doing enough to make sure my little girl was safe from being kidnapped from her dad and possibly end up overseas yet I wanted to be fare to both of them to have a relationship. And was she being trained to be on the right path even though we studied the bible and went to church. I was crying so hard and LOUD and begging God to help me sort it all out and give me the answers. I shouted, “I can’t do it all by myself anymore….please help me.” At the time I had a rosary hanging from my rearview mirror and as the tears ran down my red from sobbing face, I had been holding on to the cross part of it so tight during it all. I screamed JESUS can you hear me?
    Suddenly, I heard, “all will be well” … I was startled and thought my windows were open and someone from work heard me all this time. All windows were closed. I heard the gentle voice again say, “all will be well” and as I looked in my rearview mirror, … I saw Him. Most beautiful face I have ever seen in white robe (could only see to shoulders). Mostly the eyes is what I latched onto. He smiled at me and said it one more time. “All will be well. He smiled so lovingly at me. I saw and felt so much love in that car!! It covered me from head to toe. I smiled too and closed my eyes for a second to say “thank you”. And when I opened them, He was gone. But the presence of the love and sudden peace, I literally felt touch me from my head down to my feet. I then suddenly felt such joy that all I could do next was laugh. I was still holding onto the cross, I let go, and the imprint of it was in my hand. I laughed some more. I looked in the mirror again, backseat was clear, and my face had no evidence that I had been crying so hard…tears were even dried up. I looked … Happy, peaceful and suddenly felt assured that, “All Will Be Well!”
    I got out of my car repeatedly saying “all will be well”, laughing, almost skipping like a child, so happy and thanking God for coming to little old me, in my rickety Ford Tempo. I felt love and alive. The people who had seen me run out of the building saw me come in. They thought I had lost my cotton picking mind. I told them of my visit and how all will be well. All they wanted to do was give me the day off. Lol.
    Well, life moved on. All has been well. Struggles of climbing life’s hills, mountains, and sometimes lost in valleys. But through it all, I assuredly KNOW … ALL WILL BE WELL.
    ……thank you for allowing me to share and for being the Pastor you are. God bless you with continued wisdom great health, peace and everlasting joy of Christ’s love.

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