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  1. Thank you pastor bob we need encouraging words in which you do give it is good to hear your sermons i love JESUS I BELEIVE IN THE FATHER GOD i am praying for TRUMP to win the election i pray GOD hears our prayers i will keep praying cause GOD is all we need LORD forgive me of my sins and give me direction for what i can do LORD for you thank you for this ministry which brings me to you LORD GLORY TO OUR FATHER AND PRAISE AMEN

  2. Pastor Bob, Received my order, it was a blessing. Thank you so much. I lost my mother this time last year and when I start missing her I listen to your beautiful soothing, comforting music. I enjoyed Sundays service reminding us how deep, strong, life changing, and unconditional Gods love is. How he chooses each one of us individually. Moving forward was very meaningful, knowing I have to leave grief and sorrow behind, knowing my mother is with the Lord and I will see her again. My mind knows, it’s taking time for my heart. God bless you and your family. For you are a blessing!

  3. I looked for you to preach today on November 22, 2020. I couldn’t find you. I’m praying your well and will be back to preaching soon. May God Bless You
    a true fan from
    Louisville Kentucky

  4. Awesome sermon, totally a blessimg as always! Pastor Bob can you carpentry work ? Geet back with me please, Love you all there. Praying to GOD to clean our world. GOD BLEES, TAMMY A CHURCH MEMBER FROM N. GA

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