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  1. I want to say what a powerful message God spoke through you today!!
    Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Amen to “waiting on the Lord” in all we do and in His timing. Makes me think of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis — we/nations struggle to this very day with major issues in the Middle East and Islam because Abraham and Sarah did not wait and tried to “help” God keep His promise to them in their own way —-“Oh, Lord, teach us all to wait” —- believe Him, trust Him, wait on Him, stand firm on His Word, and stand up for His ways!

  3. Wonderful service! We enjoyed our first time there!…..
    We will be back!
    Thank you for making us feel very welcome..

  4. Thank you for today’s message. I need to hear your message each week .it was thou God,s Grace I found you. Whan I am able I would love to visit your church

  5. Brother Bob,
    I’ve been listening to your music and service on my phone,my 19 year old,as of today march the 12, and her friend, said they would take a road trip so i can come to your service. If I’m allowed to just show up one Sunday morning, do you have evening services. I’m the one who left a message to you about when I was 10. Love your singing and service, I watch you on ny TV and phone. I can’t get enough of the lord’s words. My mother was raised Pentecost, and never forced my to church. I was 4, then 32 when I received the holy spirit, then 33 when I was baptized for the frist time. I just feel the lords presence when I listen to you. Id love to come to a live service one Sunday.

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