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  1. Thank you for this message….just what I needed to hear today. My heart aches for some of the ‘stages of time’ I am going through right now with loved ones. My whole life, God seems to always put the beginning of a life and near ending of a life too close together for my heart to bear sometimes… and sorrow at once ….but I suppose He knows my heart and how to get me through it. Also, thank you for reminding me that there is a reason I am here right now….a reason I was born and a reason I was ‘born again.’ Just thank you…..God used you to speak words He knows I needed to hear. Although I have never met you all, I just love your little church/fellowship and the messages that God uses you to preach. I am thankful for being able to watch online but my heart wants to be there. I hope to visit in the very near future….I know God will make that time if it is His will for me. Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ and God bless you all!

  2. Hello… I’ve watched your sermon on Time. A co-worker told me to watch your sermons as I find some preachers to be difficult to follow. So I watched. Time… a word that eats at me constantly. I battle time. Knowing the Lord will carry me through both good and bad times reassures me. And Lord knows I’ve seen some bad times in my family. I trust in Jesus Christ and find myself asking many questions. Some answered, some not. Thank you for the lesson. Glad to see it on video for all to watch. Renae in Mayflower.

  3. My Dear Brother Bob,
    Thank you for your walk with Christ. Thank you for stepping out and speaking the truth in love. My goodness this generation, does not want to hear me. It doesn’t stop me from talking though.
    I need prayer. I am going to run for office in my town and I am going to make people mad. Yes get rid of the rocks/weeds that have been there way too long.

    May God continue to strengthen you.
    Love in Christ

  4. I would love to come visit you one day, Pastor Bob Joyce, and would do any work you need done, but I’m a little short of Polk salad at the time. My wife is going through blood clots and is now unable to work, and I have just been laid off. I pray one day I will be able to come see you. You are #1 on my bucket list, and will always be. God bless you.

  5. I love your service of telling the name of the lord, and i watch you preach his name, I want to visit your church and see all you preach. Your a heaven sent for alot of people, your the frist one I’ve listed to since Billy, which I found out how him and Tammy Fay truly were. I believe that you are cleanse by the lord, Jesus. My saviour Bless you Amen.

  6. Thank you. A very good sermon. I also see you on the web every week. When the time is right I will visit you and your church in person. Thank you pastor Bob

  7. I watched because of rumors. I listened because I have never heard a preacher, preach from the heart like Pastor Bob. All I know one way or another this man has been ordained by God himself. No notes, not giant screen, just a man full of Gods words busting through. The sermon I listen to was exactly what I needed and a hour and 20 mins flew by. I wanted to hear more. I am very good at voice recognition. All I have to say is if God rescued the man that used to be Elvis from the torture and turmoil that persons life was I still have hope for myself. I believe 100% that “Elvis” is dead but a fisher of man, a servant of the Lord, a blessing to the world lives every day in Arkansas. If I am lucky enough to experience this man word in person I will, but until then I will be taking my preaching right here every Sunday with Pastor Bob and his very blessed and loved church family. Praise God, Praise Jesus name, praise the word that pours from your souls.
    Thank you for your blessing that you share.

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