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  1. Thank you pastor Bob, as always you preached a Wonderful sermon. We are his little sheep and it’s so good to know that even if we ponder, God will lead us where he wants us to go. I always told my children that growing up.

  2. The lard is my sharperd and I will follow him all ways. I live in Victoria Texas ,we have a lot of church’s and some have good pastors . But there is only one Pastor Bob Joyce. You feed my soul. When I am able and my son can drive me I will visit your church. You are my pastor.

  3. Grace and peace to you in the Lord Jesus Christ ✝️
    Beautiful truths spoken with great passion and love of our Lord. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and blessing of listening to the Gospel by way of this video.
    I live in Alvin, Texas and am sending my brothers and sisters in Benton, Arkansas God’s love and hugs and prayers. Texas size! 🙏✝️♥️🤗🌹🩸🐑 Thank you

  4. You know what Pastor ? I love you, and Jesus loves you too! Thank you for making your sermons available on the app online. GOD BLESS YOU. I would definitely be lost without God and his daily guidance. God leads us daily and keeps us safe. Thank you Pastor!

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