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  1. Beautiful sermon once again! I just received your music cds today. Thank you! Also, thank you for the unexpected bonus cd by Marti Cook. I love them all and will be listening to them daily! I have just ordered your other cd of sermons and also the book. I am SO excited to get those too! I don’t even have the words to explain how much you have touched my heart. You are doing such important work when the world needs it more than ever before! Thank you!!

  2. I love to hear your preaching and songs I’m going to have to visit the church there with my wife RHONDA

  3. Thank you, Pastor, I know this sermon was for me. Yes I do. It spoke right to me and the faith that I should have as a Christian. God’s been growing my faith the last year, and this last struggle was just another example of how he is who he says he is. Thanks again your prayers, and thank you for the message this week.

  4. I came to God A long time ago. You reinforce my faith in God. You are my pastor

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