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  1. Amen to today’s message about Joy!! So very true how God can touch us in that perfect spot that only He can touch or reach and change one’s life.

    As for feeling the presence of Jesus walking the aisle at your church, I can personally testify to feeling the presence of Jesus when I visited the little red church by the creek in Benton, Arkansas. I was a little late getting there and walked in while “Put Your Hand in the Hand” was being sung. I felt so bad to be walking in late but, just maybe, it was the exact time I was supposed to be there as the entire week prior God had placed on my heart how He reached His hand out to Peter and caught him when Peter was afraid/heavy burdened from the boisterous wind and began to sink when he tried to walk on water to get to Jesus. When I walked in, I felt that Hand reaching out to me. When the song “Come onto Me” was sung so beautifully that day, I felt such a lifting of heaviness I had been carrying inside my heart for awhile. One thing for sure, this little church has definitely NOT lost its first love — Jesus — like sadly most churches today have, as did the Church of Ephesus in Revelation.

    God led me here on the internet about six months ago. Every message and song I’ve watched fills me with Joy and Truth. I feel so blessed to have finally been able to be there in person last week. Left with so much joy in my heart, the 4 hour drive home felt like a 30-minute drive because I was praising Him, reflecting on the message, worshipping and just felt lighter and just so good to fellowship with others who truly love Jesus — pure Joy!! God willing, will be there every week I can be. May God bless you all!

  2. Thank you Pastor Bob Joyce for your sermon “God Intended” on this beautiful Mother’s Day 2021, the year of our Lord. It is so true that a mother’s love for her children is eternal. I am so thankful to know that God is great enough to reveal himself to my children and that they will remember by my life how important God is in our lives; not that I was perfect, but that I was faithful and needed a savior in Jesus. He came to live among us and died, taken on a punishment we deserved so if we believed in Him we could be with Him and our Father in Paradise. Thank you for preaching the Word, the Truth. Today, I meditate on God’s Word and come humbly to Him for forgiveness and look forward to living with Him in His Majestic Garden for all of eternity. I find peace and calm in His promises and love.
    ‘But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.’ ~ Micah 7:7

  3. Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go:
    And when he is old, he will not depart from it.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and to all the Dads who stepped up into the roll of “Mr. Mom” in some situations. Either way to give your child/children the gift of knowing Jesus is the greatest gift you can give.
    I am so glad you spoke about not looking to find joy in materialistic things, but true joy is found in Jesus, a joy that is priceless. Joy is knowing Jesus, he imparts to us salvation, redemption, love, faith, forgiveness, grace, and life eternal….how can you know Jesus and not know Joy? Thank you for sharing God’s word and I love hearing the sounds of praise as God moves through the Church (especially Sister Donna, she truly makes my heart smile). God bless all!!!

  4. Thank you for today’s message. Jesus filled my soul with joy. The way you teach God’s word feeds my soul.
    I feel like I have known you for a lifetime and you are a good friend. I would love to meet you in person. I will be in Benton June 6 to visit you and your church. It’s a 10 hour drive. My son is taking the week off work to help me drive. I am 79 years old and looking forward to meeting you. You feed my soul each week with God’s word. So I would like to feed you .if you and Mrs Joyce would do me and my wife the honor of having lunch with us after church are any day of the week. We will be in Benton June 4,5,6 and 7th .please reply.

  5. I enjoyed the sermon so much!!!! It is like God speaks to us in so many ways!!! It is always such a pleasure to watch Pastor Bob on Spotify. Some day soon, I hope to visit in person!!!! It is such a blessing to see a Pastor and his church in agreement and preaching and teaching God’s Word!!!! APPRECIATE Pastor Bob so very much!!!!!

  6. Amen
    I get chills n tears of joy when i close my eyes and lesson. What a blessing paster bob is to us, he makes the word of Jesus come alive an touch our soul! ❤❤❤❤
    Thank you! & thank you jesus for giving us this opportunity to grow in the word n holy sprit with paster bob & others. 🙏 much love to every one have a blessed day!
    I enjoyed the service and I can’t wait to come Worship in person and Cry tears of joy thank you Pastor Bob God is good 🙏😉😘 Pastor Bob you are truly a beautiful person inside and out! Praise the Lord for allowing you to teach us the word of God and the way and break it down in a way that we all understand I love the music and how you start singing I wish I could have been there and I love how you put a new Twist on stand up yes stand up praise the Lord amen thank you

  7. Dear Pastor Bob Joyce – on every sunday i know a new sermon you bring to us. But i have to wait one or two days longer to see and to hear your words cause i can only watch on youtube. To see and to hear you it`s for me like get blessings for each cell of my body and my soul. The first time i hear a sermon by you, it was the first time in my life all doubts and inner conflicts i have had with Jesus are gone. And now my daily pray: du bist hier – bei mir, bist da ganz nah – it is more fullfild with truth. In this time we need those light it is possible for you to bring us – i bow. And yes the wish to sit in the room you give the sermon will be stay as a longing. Regards from my heart I send from German/Swiss Ute Nüchter

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