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  1. Wonderful message! As always your words of incouragementvandcdirection to lead or keep us with the lord and savior in our hearts. I just have to tell you I have your cds they are wonderful I always listen to them as I drive has a calming joyous and enjoyable ride sometime I feel I could drive forever listening to your songs. Thank you for that gift that I needed the lord knew what you could do for me at this time in my life.if there are typing errors please overlook just had wonderful doctor that did my cataracts and installed premium oils another blessing from the lord for leading me to him and making available these particular iols funny but I would have already had the surgery had not been for COVID !! Now these lenses are available!! That’s the lord sending me blessings even in face of tradegy !

  2. So Good…
    Since I can’t be there physically to hear your sermon every Sunday, I listen to one of your previous sermons every Sunday when I wake up. Shortly after I absorb the first sermon, your current Sunday sermon video becomes available online and I dive right into it. It was a beautiful coincidence that yesterday I listened to your “Diligently Seek” sermon right before I listened your latest sermon from yesterday 5/2, and there were so many beautiful ties and points that tied together through each sermon. I love how your words just ring through my mind all day. And here and there I hear God saying to me, “remember what Bob said?”
    I hear God reminding me what you said. And you reminding me what he said. What a beautiful gift. As the Sun beams in the Sky today, as God’s Love Beams through my Heart… healing….. warming…. every cell in my body in and throughout this world. Thank You Bob…. for every beam you share and shine… Halleluiah!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you Pastor Bob. Praying someday to bring my family to the House of Faith. I can relate to the part about feeding people. My husband and I have lived across from a cemetery for almost 30 years. Best neighbors ever…lol. We have to laugh at him because he worries if everyone is resurrected at the same time, our house will be their first stop and what to feed them. But he’s the kind of man that can go into the kitchen with nothing to prepare and prepare a feast. So I’m not worried we can provide something for them. My grandkids laugh because I’m always trying to feed them. That’s what grandma’s do. God Bless you and the House of Faith.

  4. Just listened to song by Greg Holland and it was absolutely beautiful! wonderful song sung with a wonderful voice . This church is just awesome frill of good Germans and songs to help us through and give such a loving and calming effect on me . thank you so much Greg Holland for sharing your gift from the Lord with others.

  5. Please pray for my grandson, Dylan, who will be going into the airforce in June. We trust God, but it’s still the human side to worry.
    Thank you, and may God keep on blessing you.
    Beverly Shockley

  6. Pastor Bob,
    Your sermons are a true blessing to me every week and your words strengthen and nourish my soul….. I will ALWAYS stand for Jesus and try and do what is right….. I didn’t start off strong in my life but I want to finish strong and be a blessing to the Lord Jesus and make him proud of me and my life that he so graciously gave me……Be a better person, listen better, help others, and most of all forgive others as well as myself….. I need Gods strength to overcome all that is going on in this world and to be a leader once it is all revealed…… Nothing is
    impossible with GOD, faith, and a little courage thrown in the mix…..
    I pray to make it to see you preach in real life from NC soon!
    Blessings and thank you for sharing God’s word with me every week…
    Your sermons are music to my ears and brings a happy rhythm in my step to carry on day to day…..
    Leisa Lord

  7. I was once again touched by God’s message through you. I listened via the website, as my girls had a spring band concert, which was finally in person, not virtual finally. I enjoyed last week’s service, as well, God is truly speaking the gospel through you son. I know God has a purpose for all our lives, to praise and honor him, and draw others nearer to him, you are fulfilling your purpose, PRAISE GOD!!!! I know God put me right where he wanted me last Sunday , and I Thank God!!!

  8. Thank you! A true blessing from God bob is!!!! I love your messages I’m leaving a comment because I would like to inquire about baptism, hoping I can inquire some information before my visit down to the church but either way I know I will be able to stake out information about being baptized and I can’t wait to be able to sit and listen to the word God in person I such a wonderful pastor and church family everybody have a blessed day lots of love and thank you please messages up a Lyft and speak to so many of us thank you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow with you guys

  9. Purely, simply blessed by your 5-2-21 sermon. The honest ,unadulterated word of God. So wonderful to be preached to not at. Was reminded of so many blessings
    I am and have been blessed with. I am so thankful to have found your ministry. I have been praying to be led to Biblical preaching and teaching with no agendas, political correctness, worldly religion. I know the Lord has answered. Bless you, your family, church family and ministry. I will be listening each week. I am not on Facebook so may have to listen when posted. I have been blessed, thank you.😊

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