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  1. Pastor Bob Joyce thank you for today’s message .
    I have faith in God and I know with faith and the love of Jesus I will be with him when he calls me home. Some time i need to be reminded of that faith. God’s word through you keeps me in line. With that faith I believe God will lead me safety to your church next Sunday. I so much look forward to meeting you.
    You are my pastor and friend.

  2. Beautiful absolutely beautiful Praise Jesus . I just wanted to say safe travels and I wish you well and I hope that you feel the Lord through your veins Body and Soul when you visit this beautiful Church with Pastor Bob and all his fellow worshippers May You Cry tears of joy and rejoice in his love and presents. & share your stories and wisdom with us all that you have learned throughout your life. may God bless you and give you safe travels on your your way to church, I love hearing how God touches other people’s souls in different ways from all ages n wallks of life. Even tho we’re all in different Journeys and part’s of our life and it’s beautiful how he speaks to so many of us. Amen Praise Jesus. I wanted to leave you a comment to tell you, bless your heart and may you travel safely & that you make it to the church safely and you make it home safely and continue to rejoice and I Lord may you have a smooth ride there. “smile have a blessed day! God bless you praise the Lord God is good.
    -a fellow child of God❤
    Safe travels.

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