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  1. Great message!

    Wow…felt goosebumps on the many mentions today of the Mt of Olives. — It’s like the portal to heaven. Jesus ascended from there and one day soon, Jesus’ feet will stand once again on the Mt of Olives as He returns and will defend and let all the world know just who Jerusalem and all of Israel belongs to!!!

    Zachariah 14:4
    On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.

    Actually, Chapter 14 of Zachariah describes just what happens to all the nations who come against Jerusalem in the final days.

    Great message! Yes, I will go where He tells me to go, and I’m all in on yearning for Him to return!!!!

  2. Thank you for welcoming me, my wife, and son with open arms yesterday to your church. And lunch.
    Thanks for the message. My soul and my faith has been refreshed.
    Thank you very much. We will be back. You are my pastor and friend.
    Travis Mayer and family.

  3. Love your words my friend, I love what you carry and Thank You so much for just bringin and sharin, and celebrating the Light!! Your passion and deep endless love for Jesus strikes such chords in me…. ahhhhh…. all that LOVE!!… Your Spirit is.. contagious…

    Bless your Heart and every cell in that gift of life our beautiful creator has blessed you with… Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Pastor Bob Joyce
    thanks a lot – yes – we`ve to wait, to learn, to be real aware God of the light, Jesus is the King and God is the Master of the world – nobody else. Nobody can be challange God`s position. So we wait in him,for him and with him and do with love and thankfullness our daily life. And the storms outside, around me/us has not to disturb me/us in our worke for and with Jesus on our way to and with God. This way to live is inviting for everybody, cause before we are looking to much where the word turns and we get blind for our live to see what happend realy. Thanks Jesus. Thanks Pastor Bob Joyce

  5. Thank you Pastor Bob. I feel a much-needed hope when Im listening to your sermons. There’s a peace in your voice. Hoping to visit your house of faith one day. God Bless you.

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