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  1. I am filled with God’s Grace. Thank you for today’s message. You are my pastor.

  2. We feel blessed to have the privilege to attend and hear your wonderful message today. We really enjoyed it and will definitely be back. I won’t be able to come every Sunday due to my work duties but whenever I can get Sundays off we will be there. You gave us the wonderful reminder of what it really feels like you have been to church. Thank you so much!
    From the couple from Alexander, Arkansas

  3. Powerful. Everything is gonna be alright: my Dad’s favorite phrase! Joy!!!!! PTL

  4. Truly love listening to your services!! So inspiring. Thank you Brother Bob!! God always wins!

  5. Bob, I am so thankful of the light you share. I didn’t even realize how much I’ve needed your words until I discovered you these last few weeks. I’m fillin up on all your beautiful words, and your beautiful way of expressing and carrying spirit, you got me buzzin so good, no wonder! It’s the real stuff… the real treasure… mmhhhmmm… so Thankful, So Golden

    I can be drenched in this for hours, savoring every drop, every word, absorbing you fully into every cell of my being.

    Endless Thanks for you my friend, wishing you love and harmony in every cell of your being, like you’ve given me, all day… and night.

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