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  1. Amen to todays’s message! That which takes place inside our heart when Jesus truly comes in and saves you is ‘power’ like none other — it will be the power to stand in the thicket of the mess of this world and boldly stand for Truth and not be one of those who fall away. Plan to visit next week to fellowship with you all and get “filled up” in the word and worship Jesus! May God bless you all,

  2. Your truly an amazing messenger of the Lord!! Your words are straight from God & inspire us to do the Lord’s work 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Please keep preaching as you do✝️✝️

  3. Thank you again for the amazing massage. I feel so comfortable listening to your sermon. You’ve truly touched my soul, opened my heart and my eyes. I’m studying hard and wanting to get baptized in the near future. I would feel so blessed if you could be the one to baptized me.

  4. Thank you for today’s message. You are truly a man of God. You teach the true words of God that I can understand. My heart is filled with the love of Jesus. I look forward each week to your sermon. You are my pastor.

  5. Pastor Bob,
    My relationship with Jesus is my biggest blessing in life and my faith leads me through this journey I am on … are so right, God does not have to prove anything to man, we must not be lead by sight….
    Pastor Bob you too are a blessing to me…. I love hearing the word of God spoken from your heart…… today’s sermon was beautiful…..
    Blessings, Leisa

  6. It’s such an honor to carry Jesus in my Heart all day, today, and every day… I just let your words trickle charge me, one word after another, filling my heart full, as I absorb the spirit of God who created this Heart for loving, and sharing his Golden Light.

    As you trickle in, drop by drop, I savor you I feel my Heart Rising like the Sun with every word, I feel like I’m levitating. These cells of mine being drawn again towards God, purifying my Heart into Pure Gold…. and it’s resonating in the most beautiful ways I feel suspended in time, suspended in ‘timeless ness’, I feel so safe and happy and healthy to do God’s work and share the beautiful light you share Brother Bob.

    Ya know, Gold conducts electricity better than any element on the planet. Because it’s pure, the contact between us has no separation when purified in this form. It’s all one, and nothing can come between us and our Beautiful Creator who has a home to live and flourish in this place of beauty he created in our Hearts. You are… The Conductor, and Thank You for expressing yourself so beautifully through my Heart… and waking it up…
    God Bless you Bob, enjoy your beautiful day… (it’s all yours…)

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