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  1. Thank you so much for this sermon. It brought so much peace in these “troubling times” reminding us that God is control. I’ve been listening to your services since COVID. I have enjoyed the music as well. It reminds me of my home church. The members saying amens and even hearing children at times, makes me feel like I am home. Thank you for offering your services to all! It brings such peace and comfort.

  2. Thank you Pastor for your once again great sermon. Our Lord has blessed you with wisdom and your passion for Him is expressed in every sermon. Fear not indeed of our troubled country as men have free will but God can turn us around when all we have to do is raise our eyes up and ask Him to forgive us. Power of prayer is delivered as we too shall be. God bless you dear man. I pray that one day I have the honor to attend your service in Arkansas as I’m in Ohio ☺️. May the blessings of Christ fill you with excellent health, joy, peace and everlasting love. **Judith**

  3. Beloved Pastor….There is such JOY in worshiping together in His Presence,… living out His Word… to Everlasting Life…An early celebration of Christmas is here …as we celebrate together… that Jesus is still reigning in the Earth…All glory to the LORD …as the Gospel is preached to the nations…through a Gentle and Loving Shepherd,…Righteousness, Peace, and Joy.. preached.with the Holy Spirit’s Anointing…oh yes ! Thankful for those who serve in your ministry…in His Love, Maxine G.

  4. Awesome message Pastor Bob ! Amen ! 😊 Thank you!!!
    No slippery slopes for me, we do have enough in Washington! Lol…. You are precious!

  5. I love listening to him,and hear him sing wish he was closer to Clinton Arkansas, I was born in north little rock Arkansas but move to Clinton Arkansas in the 80,I do love him very much he had help me without knowing it just by talking about the lord,god has seem my husband thu two cancer,and then heart trouble and now I have heart trouble and my husband has dementia and sundowner, it get hard at times but listening to him make it so much easier. Thank you so much and dont ever stop speaking of the lord god.Amen

  6. Thank you Bro. Bob for a wonderful sermon. Frequently throughout the week, I found myself repeating parts of your sermon in my head. The part where you said, “ no man is my enemy” helped me put my mind and heart right when I comes to the current situation in our country. Thank you for helping put everything back into the right perspective. God Bless you and the whole Church family.

  7. Thank you. I was truly blessed hearing you preach. Moved my soul cried all the way through. God bless you and keep you ALWAYS!! I hope to one day come visit your church. God is so, so good!

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